The Borghini family, originating from the Casentino Valley for generations, has recovered the old rural nucleus and renovated the buildings respecting the Casentinese peasant tradition: materials such as iron, stone and solid chestnut wood worked by local craftsmen have been used.
Each apartment has handmade furniture and the most modern comforts: heating, wood-burning fireplace, kitchenette and covered outdoor area for breakfast and relaxation.
The surrounding environment still bears the mark of the habits of the past such as the sink and the well, enriched today by a large parking lot and a playground; there is also a swimming pool for adults (7x14 m) and a baby, with its solarium area.
The wood-burning oven is used on occasions for the preparation of pizzas, desserts and roasts, while a barbecue is available for guests for outdoor grilling.
The Borghini family lives and works within the property, proposing the company as an example of true "agri-tourism", having made agricultural work a professional choice.
Guests are personally supervised by the owners. We are available for any type of information, from reservations for museum visits to nature visits or simply for pleasant chats to learn about our work linked to the traditions of Casentino history.